Porto is...

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Porto is our city...
Your city.

Porto the invincible city, a city with hills, river, sea and amazing panoramic views and famous for its port wine.
In 1996 the city´s historical centre was awarded the world heritage status, for it´s charming character. It is a city that has a variety of architecture, a contrast with the old and modern.
Tripeiros are the porto citizens and we are 237591, we are different from the rest of the country as we have a very strong identity and we are proud of being from Porto. 
As we say Porto is a nation. 
Live and understand porto, “The best european destination 2012 and 2014".

How to plan your day:



Portuguese are one of the biggest coffee consumers, we love our coffee with a tasty Pastel de Nata on the side.
Did you know that Porto’s francesinha sandwich was distinguished as one of the best in the world?
You can taste it downtown, where the famous francesinha was born.
Portuguese are one of the biggest dry codfish consumers.
If what you are looking for is seafood, go to Afurada or Matosinhos the two nearest fishermen’s areas where the restaurants only serve fresh fish.



For fresh Portuguese products and to feel pure porto tradition go to Mercado do Bolhão, an amazing traditional city market. All week from 07h to 17h, Saturdays from 07h to 13h and closed on Sundays – Rua Formosa
Feira da Vandoma -Fontaínhas from 08h – 13h “The Flea Market”
If you don´t have time to go to a city market, there is always Rua Santa Catarina a beautiful street with it´s own history and variety of shops.



As a tripeiro “porto citizen” there are events that we don't miss. 
São João – 23rd June all night – is the biggest street festival in Porto with a history of more than six centuries.
Primavera Sound in the first week of June is a three-day music festival at the city park.
Serralves em festa in the beginning of June is a free 48 hours event of concerts and cultural activities in Porto’s most famous contemporary museum.
D’Bandada in September is a night offering free concerts all over the city centre.



Rua Galerias de Paris is a good spot to start your night, having also Rua Cândido do Reis next.
Or check the agenda of Casa da Música.


As we also have the sea next to us, there are plenty of activities to do.
Surfing in Matosinhos or riding a bike through Avenida Brasil or the city park.
Not far from the sea, you have a wonderful contemporary art Museum Serralves don't forget to take a walk through its magnificent gardens.
Appreciating art? Take a walk through Rua Miguel Bombarda where you can find a diversity of art galeries that at the first Saturday of each month make an inauguration event to present new exhibitions 
Visiting a wine cellar is also a must, cross the bridge to Gaia and choose your favorite.

Don't forget to check our amazing Casa da Musica, famous for its architecture, acoustics and story.



Passeio das Virtudes
Serra do Pilar 

Palácio Cristal



Did you know that Port wine is only produced in the Douro Valley where there is produced wine for 2000 years? Since then its landscape has been molded by human hands and this was the first region in the world to be demarcated for its wine production. It´s now “World Heritage” like the center of Porto. 

What about Gerês? Don't miss one of Portugal’s natural wonders and our only national park. It’s a hidden jewel in the north and most tourists are unaware of its nearness when visiting Braga. Don't be just a tourist.


Too much? Let us guide you.